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Press Release

DVD "Eco-driving: Money Saving Tips for Household Managers"

December 13, 2005

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has created a DVD entitled "Eco-driving: Money Saving Tips for Household Managers." This DVD introduces easy tips on how to drive a car wisely while saving on gas and reducing CO2 emissions. CO2 emitted from automobiles accounts for 30% of the total emission from the household sector. Also, when examined by sector, emissions from the transportation sector, including those from automobiles, have increased by 20% from the FY 1990 level. Therefore, reduction of CO2 emission from automobiles is a pressing issue.

Eco-conscious driving is said to increase fuel efficiency by 10 - 20% compared to driving without environmental consciousness. The MOE hopes this DVD would be helpful to drivers.

Groups that hope to borrow the DVD (in Japanese), please read the "Rental Guide of the DVD, "Eco-driving: Money Saving Tips for Household Managers" (in Japanese only) and send an application form to the following:

Office of Environmental Education
Eco-driving Group
Phone: 03-3581-3351 (Ex. 6271)
Fax: 03-3580-9568
(If you wish to send the application by fax, please inform the Office by phone after doing so.)


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