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Press Release

Yokkaichi Eco Town Program Approved

September 16, 2005

The Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry jointly examined an Yokkaichi Eco Town Program submitted by Yokkaichi Municipal Government, and approved it on September 16, 2005. The creativeness and innovativeness of the program includes; promoting eco town projects through creation of a sound material cycle network by collaboration among citizens, research institutions, business entities and municipal government; developing a recycling project of waste plastics utilizing technology and know-how of local chemical material industry. The Yokkaichi Eco Town Program is the 25th program approved.

<Outline of the Yokkaichi Eco Town Program>

Citizens, business entities and municipal government jointly promote following projects based on the 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) to create a sound material-cycle society which functions as a plastic recycle hub.

1.Fostering and supporting environmental industries

Recycling projects to manufacture recycled resin out of waste plastic from factories and post-consumer use home electric appliance processing facilities as well as plastic trays for food shall be implemented Feasibility studies on commercialization of bio-degradable plastic and vinyl chloride recycling business shall be conducted.

2.Reducing wastes (promotion of waste reduction)

A sorted collection advisor system and an accreditation system of waste reduction and recycle promotion retailers shall be introduced.

3.Recycling of wastes (promotion of reuse and recycling)

Projects to reuse used personal computers, development of recycle promotion plazas and collection of plastic trays for food by utilizing community currency shall be promoted

4.Collaboration with other areas undertaking eco town programs and dissemination of information

Seminars and symposium aiming at collaboration among eco town programs shall be held.


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