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Logo Mark for "WARM BIZ" and Information on "COOL BIZ Collection 2006"

August 26, 2005

As a part of activities of national campaign to fight global warming "Team minus 6%", the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) will address the public to have appropriate room temperature (20 degree C) for autumn and winter. MOE gives a name "WARM BIZ" to the image of "eco-conscious business dress", advocating "working less depending on heaters, more comfortable, warmer and still stylish.

"Team minus 6%" campaign will continue to call on business sectors to keep air conditioners at 28 degree C for next year on and to promote "COOL BIZ". As a part of this promotion, a fashion show, "COOL BIZ Collection 2006", to address "COOL BIZ" for next summer, will be held in December this year.

1."WARM BIZ" logo mark

In order to have better understanding of "wearing warm, comfortable and fashionable clothes for work, less depending on heater", a concept of eco-conscious business dress for winters, a name for this concept was adopted at a meeting of influential individuals on August, 22 as "WARM BIZ". To emphasize the concept of going back to the fundamental, "to wear more clothes when it's cold" or "not to depend on the heating system too much", logo mark for the concept and the rule for its use were formulated.

(1) Purpose of "WARM BIZ"
To facilitate the understanding the concept of "fashionable business wears comfortable for work not depending too much on heating system", a fundamental and natural approach for winter which are "wearing more clothes when it is cold" and "not depending too much on heating system", "WARM BIZ" was adopted as a name for this concept. Establishing this new type of business dress for autumn and winter, it is expected to make "heating at 20 degrees C" taking root among people.
(2) Use of logo mark
Those who wish to use the logo mark, "WARM BIZ", should read and follow "Instruction for the Use of "WARM BIZ" Logo Mark". (Uploaded on web page for "Team minus 6%" campaign

The logo mark can be downloaded from "Team minus 6%" web page ( from 13:00 August 26, Friday.

This logo mark is intended to be used as a general name in broad sense for office appropriate business style to lead business life comfortably with office temperature set at 20 degrees C for heating. The mark can be used by any business entities or organization willing to;

- build up working style not depending on heating system through their products (such as air conditioners, electric appliances) or technology,
- set heating system to 20 degrees C in their offices,
- disseminate/illuminate "WARM BIZ".

The mark is not intended to indicate specific performance or products. Therefore, it can not be used for specific product name or brand name. When this mark is used, please publicize that "WARM BIZ" is a general name for office appropriate business style "to set heating system to 20 degrees C in winter". Since there are private enterprises having similar character and wordings registered for trademark rights, please make sure that your use and expression will not interfere with these rights under your liability. MOE or the secretariat of "Team minus 6%" campaign shall not be liable for any claims deriving from improper use*1.

*1Please address your inquiry for the rule on the use of logo mark to the secretariat of "Team minus 6%" campaign (e-mail address:

2.Participating "JAPAN CREATION 2006" - International Trade Fair for Textile

"Team minus 6%" campaign will continue to promote "COOL BIZ", setting air conditioner to 28 degrees C in summer, so that the concept of "COOL BIZ" will be well established in business sector. As a part of this effort, "Team minus 6%" will participate in "JAPAN CREATION 2006*2" to be held in Tokyo International Exhibition Center in December this year and sponsor an event to spotlight "COOL BIZ" by holding an exhibition related to global warming issues and a fashion show "COOL BIZ Collection 2006" on Thursday, December 8.

Organizer: JAPAN REATION Executive Committee
Date: December 7 - 9, 2006
Venue: Exhibition Hall-East 1, 2, and 3, Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) (Ariake, Kotou-ku, Tokyo)

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