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Press Release

Dioxin Concentration of Exhaust Gas emitted from Waste Incinerators

August 11, 2005

Ministry of the Environment compiled the dioxin emissions of waste incinerators for both municipal solid wastes and industrial wastes across the country from December 1, 2003 through November 30, 2004. Total emission of dioxins released from waste incinerators across Japan was estimated to be approximately 133 grams during the period. Break down of this amount are approximately 64 grams from incinerators of municipal solid wastes while approximately 69 grams from that of industrial wastes. Compared to the projected amount of dioxin emission (approximately 145 grams) in the same period last year (from December 1, 2002 through November 30, 2003), the amount was reduced approximately by 8%.

The Government Plan to Reduce Dioxin Levels Resulting from Business Activities in Japan released on June 24, 2005 envisages that total emission of dioxins in FY2010 should be reduced by approximately 15% compared to FY 2003. Also, the plan requires the reduction of dioxins released from waste incinerators by approximately 30% compared to FY 2003 by FY 2010, taking into account old facilities shall be renovated in years to come.


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