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Press Release

Red Data Book on Land and Freshwater Mollusks Revised

July 25, 2005

Red Data Book on Land and Freshwater Mollusks is revised and published. This Red Data Book is based on the Red List (List of Endangered and Threatened Species in Japan) published in 2000 and detailed information is supplemented including morphology, habitat distribution and condition for each species listed. This Red Data Book is a revised version for land and freshwater mollusks included in Red Data Book: Endangered Wild Life in Japan-Invertebrates published in 1991. It is hoped to be utilized as an important fundamental data for nature protection.

Note: Red List which is a list of endangered and threatened wildlife species in Japan includes endangered or threatened species inhabiting or growing in Japan, by evaluating degree of threats for extinction for individual species from biological aspects.

<Summary of the Red Data Book on Land and Freshwater Mollusks>

1.Changes from Red List

For compiling this Red Data Book, more precise data were collected for each species listed in the Red List published in April, 2000. The number of endangered species and subspieces listed in this Red Data Book is 251 and the total number of species listed including near threatened and data deficient species is 556. For any species having their names changed after April.2000, their names have been revised. But no revision was made for their threat level. (Table)

2. Contents

Data on the following items for species extinct 25, threatened I 86, and threatened II 165 are listed.
- Category
- Animal group, Japanese vernacular name, nomenclature, endemism.
- Remarks
- Morphology, distribution outline, biological features
- Threatening factors and its periodical changes
- Others

Category, animal group, Japanese vernacular name, nomenclature, and endemism are given and distribution outline, etc. are summarized for the following species: 206 near threatened species, 69 data deficient species, 5 threatened local population.

3. Authors

Takashi OKUTANI Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Fisheries
Rei UESHIMA Instructor, School of Science, the University of Tokyo
Taiji KUROZUMI Senior Researcher, Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba
Takaki KONDOU Professor, Faculty of Education, Osaka Kyoiku University
Osamu MASUDA Chief Technician, Himeji City Aquarium
Hiroshi MINATO Councilor, Malacological Society of Japan

4.Procurement of Red Data Book on Land and Freshwater Mollusks

Red Data Book on Land and Freshwater Mollusks is published (A-4size, ¥3,990/copy)by the Japan Wildlife Research Center.

Contact information:
Publication Section, Japan Wildlife Research Center
3-10-10, Shitaya, Taitou-ku, Tokyo 110-8676
Tel: +81-3-5824-0951 (weekdays 13:30~17:00) Fax: +81-3-5824-0952

Published Red Lists/Red Data Books are uploaded to the web-site of the Biodiversity Center of Japan (

<Reference> Red List and Red Data Book
<Red List> <Red Data Book>
Amphibia, reptiles Published in Aug.,1997 Printed in Feb., 2000
Mammals Published in Jun.,1998 Printed in Mar.,2002
Birds Published in Jun., 1999 Printed in Mar.,2002
Land & freshwater mollusks Published in Apr., 2000 Current publication
Insects -do.- Printing
Crustaceans -do.- -do.-
Arachnidas & millipedes -do.- -do.-
Vascular plants Published in Aug.,1997 Printed in Jul., 2000
Non-vascular plants -do.- Printed in Dec., 2000


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