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Amendment of Basic Policy for Comprehensive and Systematic Promotion of Measures on Waste Reduction and Proper Waste Disposal

May 26, 2005

The Basic Policy for Comprehensive and Systematic Promotion of Measures on Waste Reduction and Proper Waste Disposal (hereinafter referred to as "the Basic Policy") was amended and notified as of today.

The Basic Policy was partially amended based on the recommendation made in February 2005 by the Central Environment Council on the municipal solid waste management by municipalities to foster a sound material-cycle society. The Basic Policy is formulated by the Minister of the Environment in compliance with Paragraph 1, Article 5-2 of the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law.

<Outline of the Amendment>

1. Responsibilities of municipalities and central government

Municipalities shall undertake the followings to implement municipal solid waste management operation.

(i) To make inter-regional approach considering the need in promotion of proper recycling and disposal.
(ii) To give efforts to make the operation socio-economically effective by cost analysis, information provision and examination of the analysis from different aspects.
(iii) To charge for municipal solid wastes management as economic incentive to enhance discharge reduction and recycling of waste.

On the other hand, the central government shall support the measures taken by municipalities through offering methods for cost analysis and introduction of charge for garbage collection, etc.

2.Disposal order for municipal solid waste

The Amendment set the steps of disposal to be followed for waste plastics as an example of optimum waste disposal; (i) to suppress generation of waste at first setout; (ii) to promote recycling as the second stage; (iii) finally, to utilize remaining waste by heat-recovery, not land-filling.

3. Improvement of municipal solid waste disposal facilities

The amendment stipulated that municipal solid waste disposal facilities shall be improved in accordance with municipal solid waste management plan which is a comprehensive plan to foster recycling society in the region by setting up a concrete target for promoting waste reduction and proper recycling. As for wastes and refuses due to disaster, the amendment required development of inter-regional cooperation system and facilities with a certain degree of excessive capacity for each inter-regional unit.

4.Other amendments

Since the publication of the current Basic Policy in 2001, several new measures and policies have been introduced including formulation of the Fundamental Plan for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society and enforcement of the Law for the Recycling of End-of Life Vehicles. Necessary amendments and supplements were made in connection with these changes.

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