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Press Release

Overview of Expenditure for Environmental Conservation in FY 2005 Budget

January 19, 2005

The Ministry of the Environment (MoE) compiled the expenditure for environmental conservation of relevant ministries and agencies in FY 2005 budget.

In order to allow the government as a whole to implement environmental conservation measures efficiently and effectively, MoE formulates an estimation policy and compiles expenditure for environmental conservation in line with the implementation scheme shown in the Basic Environment Plan, pursuant to Article 4, Para.3 of the Law for the Establishment of the Ministry of the Environment.

The total amount of expenditure for environmental conservation in FY 2005 budget is 2,365.4 billion yen, a decrease of 211.8 billion yen, or an 8.2% decrease compared to the initial budget of FY 2004. The breakdown of environmental expenditure for FY 2005 is as follows.

* Numbers in parentheses represent the initial budget of FY 2004.
* Ministries and agencies in < > represent relevant ministries concerned to the budget.
Global Environmental Conservation 544.0 (632.4) billion yen
This budget covers measures related to energy-saving, new energy, forest maintenance and development, and CO2 emissions control, etc.
<Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and MoE>
Protection of Atmospheric Environment 314.2 (269.7) billion yen
This budget covers measures related to the improvement of roadside environment, noise abatement, improvement of road traffic environment, and promotion of low-emission vehicles, etc.
<MLIT, Defense Facilities Administration Agency, National Police Agency, METI, and MoE>
Water, Soil, and Ground Environment Conservation 923.1 (1,034.7) billion yen
This budget covers sewage development, construction of wastewater treatment facilities, development of hydrological environment, and measure for ground subsidence, etc. <MLIT, MAFF, MoE, Cabinet Office, and METI>
Waste Management and Recycling 149.5 (167.3) billion yen
This budget covers the development of facilities for waste treatment, recycling and reuse, etc.
<MoE, MAFF, MLIT, Cabinet Office, and METI>
Measures for Chemical Substances 13.1 (15.6) billion yen
This budget covers research for risks posed by chemical substances, measures to secure chemical substance safety, and assessment and management of chemical substances, etc.
<Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), MoE, METI, MAFF, MLIT>
Protection of Natural Environment and Promotion of Contact with Nature 332.4 (357.4) billion yen
This budget covers development of urban parks and natural parks, forest conservation projects, and green space conservation, etc.
<MLIT, MAFF, MEXT, MoE, Cabinet Office>
Measures for Building the Base for Various Measures 89.2 (100.2) billion yen
This will be used for public awareness raising of environmental conservation, measures for pollution-related health damages, and monitoring and control of environmental conservation, etc.

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