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Press Release

Release of Nationwide Car Traffic Noise Map

October 29, 2004

The Ministry of the Environment will open a web page of the car traffic noise map, indicating nationwide information of the car traffic noise together with geographical maps, starting from November 1, 2004.

URL (only in Japanese):

Complying with the Noise Regulation Law, the Ministry has been compiling the results of continuous monitoring of the car traffic noise which are conducted by prefectures and municipalities designated by the Noise Regulation Law as a Status Report on Car Traffic Noise.

The noise map provides information on the status report through the website Environmental GIS (geographic information system) which is run by the Environmental Information Center, National Institute for Environmental Studies, entitled "Environmental GIS - Status Report of Motor Vehicle Traffic Noise." Initially, this web page starts with providing information on survey report of FY 2002 but eventually it will provide for each fiscal year.

<Features of the Noise Map>

- You can see the status of the car traffic noise in any region in Japan with geographical map through the Internet.
- You can search information for any region just by clicking map image, and also retrieve instantly by the name of local municipalities and block names.
- The status of environmental quality standard (EQS) attainment is available, for areas facing roads in one day, day time or night time.
- Evaluation of EQS attainment of areas facing roads (number of houses subjected to this evaluation is 1.9 million houses for FY 2002) can be indicated in three ways; an area near trunk road, an area far from trunk road, and total of these two.
- It presents nationwide noise measurement results (2,832 locations for FY 2002) for browse.
- You can browse and download status report which the Ministry of the Environment publishes every year.

This web page is prepared based on an Implementation Plan for Infrastructure Development for National Spatial Information Database formulated by the Ministry of the Environment.


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