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Press Release

Lake Water Study Committee Report

October 14, 2004

The Ministry of the Environment established "Lake Water Study Committee" in March, 2004 to study lake water environment conservation suited for current situation. Recently, the report of the study was compiled.

Outline of the report

1.Appropriate evaluation of water environment of lakes and marshes

(1) Enhancement of monitoring system for analyzing contamination mechanism.
(2) Construction of a system, which enables public to participate from target setting of a conservation plan to its evaluation, such as setting easy to understand indices.
(3) Promotion of a conservation plan with cooperation and participation of local residents and people concerned.

2.Promotion of effective measures to reduce pollution load

(1)Point source of pollution

  • Consideration on measures to improve treatment ratio of domestic effluent through improving contact ratio by public enlightenment, and to improve treatment capacity by applying advanced treatment technology.
  • Consideration on making pollution load measurement as a requirement for existing facilities and application of waste water treatment standard to facilities not subjected for control.

(2)Non-point source of pollution

  • Consideration on selective measures by designating a catchment area having large pollution load from non-point sources and figuring out the effects of the measures taken
  • Consideration on promotion of appropriate fertilization through Eco-Farmer System and publicizing its effects on water quality improvement to obtain understanding and consensus on measures from local residents

(3)Application of natural purification capacity

  • Consideration on measures to utilize natural purification function: such as selecting an area to restore and conserve vegetation in lakeshore and to have thorough management of the area
  • Consideration on elimination of fish giving adverse impacts on water environment of lakes and marshes, and possible improvement of water quality by bio-manipulation based on features of lakes and marshes

3.Perspective for comprehensive planning

(1) To incorporate into policy and measures, of perspectives which are closely connected to lake water quality; such as catchment area management, recovery of water cycle, conservation of ecological system and responding to the needs of local residents
(2) To create systematic measures based on the features of lake and present long term vision
(3) To clearly indicate the public participation from planning, implementation and up to evaluation

4.Promotion of measures based on precise evaluation

(1) Quantitative evaluation of measures and system based on the quantitative evaluation
(2) Enhancement of monitoring system for water quality of catchment area including lake water
(3) Information sharing among the people concerned
(4) Increasing designated lakes and marshes

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