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Press Release

Dioxin Emission Inventory

December 5, 2003

Ministry of the Environment compiled the Dioxin Emission Inventory of Japan from 1997 (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31) through 2002 (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31).

Dioxin emission has been decreasing year by year by approximately 88% between 1997 and 2002. Assessment of achievement status with regard to the reduction target (90% reduction compared to 1997), stipulated in the Government Plan to Reduce Dioxin Levels Resulting from Business Activities mandated by Paragraph 1, Article 33 of the Law Concerning Special Measures against Dioxins and the Basic Guidelines for the Promotion of Measures against Dioxins (established by the Ministerial Council on Dioxin Policy on Mar.1999) is to be conducted in 2004 through the assessment of total amount of emission of dioxin in 2003. Total emission of dioxin in 2003 is projected to be reduced by 91%, which will meet the target.

Emission estimation of dioxins, including coplanar PCBs, was conducted using the WHO-TEF (1988), in accordance with the Law.

1. Selection of sources
Sources that had actually been identified as releasing dioxins into the environment, and sources from which the amounts of dioxins emitted could be estimated.

2. Estimation years
The Emission Inventory was prepared to show the annual amounts of dioxins released in 1997 through 2002 (refer to Table & Figure). In cases where new scientific knowledge had become available, the annual amounts of emissions in and before 2001 were revised.

3. Results of the estimated emission amounts
The results of the estimations were compiled into the Dioxin Emission Inventory (refer to Table and Figure). The amounts of dioxins emitted have been in a downward trend year by year. The emission for 2002 registered 944-970g-TEQ, close to an 88% decline from 1997.

4. Assessment of achievement status of reduction target
Reduction target is set in the Basic Guidelines as "the total national release of dioxins is set to be reduced to approximately 90% below 1997 levels within four years from now," while the Reduction Plan states that the total reduction targets are set at 843-891g-TEQ, which is equivalent to 88.2 to 88.5 % less than the estimated amount of dioxin emissions in 1997.

Achievement status of reduction target is to be evaluated in 2004 by assessing dioxin emission inventory of 2003. Predicted value of total emission of 2003 which the Ministry of the Environment compiled is 690-756g-TEQ (decreased by 91% compared to 1997), which will meet the reduction target.

Plans for terminating or improving existing facilities, resulting from the enforcement of the Enhanced Control on the Existing Facilities Under Ambient Air Standards on Dec.1, 2002 are reflected in the above prediction.


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