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Press Release

International Symposium on Environmental Endocrine Disrupters 2003

September 12, 2003 (Fri)
Environmental Health and Safety Division,
Ministry of the Environment
Assistant Director:
Kazuhiko Adachi
Kojiro Nogami
Section Director:
Hiroyuki Hori
Yasuhiro Tanabe


We are happy to provide you with a leaflet of the International Symposium on Environmental Endocrine Disrupters 2003 to be hosted in December by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan. This year's symposium will provide sessions and lectures by overseas speakers who participated in the preparation of the "Global Assessment of the State-of-the-Science of Endocrine Disrupters" reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) last year.

Date:December 3 (Wed.) - 5 (Fri.), 2003
Venue:Sendai International Center
Aobayama, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0856, JAPAN
Organizer:Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan
Support:Miyagi Prefecture, City of Sendai
Cooperation:Japan Society of Endocrine Disrupter Research
The objective of the symposium is to have the foremost researchers in and outside of Japan gather and discuss primarily the following three issues concerning endocrine disrupters (EDs):
  1. to share information on the initiatives being taken by various countries of the world in dealing with ED-related issues;
  2. to discuss the direction of future research on EDs through international cooperation; and
  3. to exchange wide-ranging opinions on chemicals in the environment as an issue of both local and global significance
Program overview:
The symposium will be comprised of two parts. The program open to the public is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, December 3. This part will consist of "Special Lecture", "Initiatives up to the Present" and "Panel Discussion." Specialized Sessions for researchers are to be held on Thursday, December 4 and Friday, December 5, to further debate the scientific aspects of the problem. In addition, a presentation of posters by the Japan Society of Endocrine Disrupter Research is to be held throughout the symposium.

*Please see the leaflet for information concerning specific themes, names of those providing presentations and how to apply to participate in the symposium.


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