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Clean Asia Initiative (CAI)

List of Measures (FY2009)

Promote low-carbon/low-pollution society

Name of Measures (Budgets) Outline Target countries
Project on the International Research Network for Low Carbon Societies (LCS-RNet) Promote research into low-carbon societies in Asia and other regions. G20 countries, etc.
Budget for the Project for Supporting CFC Control in Developing Countries Promote the control of refrigerant CFCs in Asia. China, Mongolia and other Asian region
Contribution to the United Nations Centre for Regional Development Promote efforts made through the Regional EST Forum in Asia. Asian countries
Overseas Development Based on Japanese Model of Environmental Technologies Disseminate Information/support globalization in order to promote Japanese environmental technologies China, Viet Nam, Indonesia
Cooperation projects on NOx total emission reduction in China China
Cooperation projects for enhancing environmental management capacity on industrial wastewater management in Viet Nam Viet Nam
Cooperation projects for enhancing environmental management capacity on industrial wastewater management in Indonesia Indonesia
Project for Future Development of Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET) Technical assistance on air pollution monitoring, understanding the current situation of and simulation analysis on pollution by particulate matters and ozone East Asian countries (countries participating in the EANET)
Study to Consider Strategies for Preventing Air Pollution in East Asia Formulate strategies for preventing air pollution in East Asia. East Asian countries
Support Project for Introducing Total Pollutant Load Control System (TPLCS) in East Asian Countries Support the introduction of TPLCS for water quality improvement in East Asian countries. East Asian countries including China
Model Projects for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System in Rural China Present the domestic waste water treatment technologies suitable for rural areas and support the dissemination of the technologies and capacity development of relevant personnel, in order to reduce water pollutants in China. China
Model projects of total pollutant load reduction (ammonia nitrogen) in rural China Study on improving eutrophication and water contamination through feasiblity study of treatment technology of nitrogen and phosphorus and application of water treatment technology in model areas, with an aim to tackle eutrophication at enclosed water area such as lakes and ponds, and to reduce ammoniac nitrogen which was added as a pollutant subject to emission reduction under China’s 12th Five-Year Plan. China
Model Project for Improving Asia Water Environment With the aim to restore the water cycle in Asia - where people face serious water contamination, support feasibility studies and verification test. Know-how etc obtained from fesible studies will be returned to Japanese companies to develop/disserminate business models in Asia Asian region
Support of Co-benefits Projects Utilizing the CDM To simultaneously achieve improvement of regional environment and reduction of GHG emissions in developing countries which are facing environmental problelms such as air and water pollution, this measure supports projects with co-benefits while envisaging utilization of the CDM or new market mechanisms. Thailand, China, Malaysia, etc.
Promotion of Co-benefits Approach Support projects, researches, and capapacity building actualities through bilateral/multilateral frameworks to promote co-benefits-type measures. Asian countries
Contribution to the United Nations University's research on Co-benefits-type City Planning Conduct studies on evaluation method of co-benefits effect. These sutudies are intended to contirubute to better urban planning and policies in Asia and other countries. Asia and other countries

Note: The above-listed measures include measures whose budgets will partially be used for CAI-related measures.