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Project Name Support Project for Introducing Total Pollutant Load Control System (TPLCS) in East Asian Countries (223KB)
Location East Asian countries
Project Background Along with rapid economic growth in East Asian countries, a large amount of pollution loads produced inland flows into enclosed coastal seas where water is not easily replaced, and contributes to eutrophication. In Japan, the TPLCS was introduced in 1978 in order to improve water quality in enclosed costal seas, and has worked effectively. In East Asia, measures against eutrophication have not yet been taken, and there is a lack of technical and institutional knowledge required for implementing the TPLCS.
Objectives The objective of this project is to improve water quality while securing sustainable economic development in East Asian Countries with which Japan has a close relationship by utilizing Japan’s experiences and knowledge of the TPLCS. Since China was considering adding nitrogen and phosphorus to the list of total pollutant load control item in the 12th Five-Year Plan, Japan has conducted joint research concerning nitrogen and phosphorus of TPLCS based on an agreement at the director-level dialogue on Japan-China environmental pollution countermeasures.
Member Countries China
Project Achievements

Japan-China joint research on TPLCS of nitrogen and phosphorus includes the following.
[1] Prepare a Japan-China joint research report on TPLCS in Japan and China, as well as draft enforcement policies on TPLCS of nitrogen and phosphorus in China
[2] Implement feasibility studies in model area
[3] Implement capacity building

Based on the outcomes of the cooperation, ammonium nitrogen was added as a pollutant subject to TPLCS since the 12th Five-Year Plan in China. Based on the knowledge acquired through the joint research, guidance is made for introducing TPLCS intended for other East Asian countries.

Japan-China Joint-research Workshop (Weihai City)   Site Visit? Shiga Prefecture?
Planned Activities In order to realize sustainable economic development and water quality improvement at the same time in Asian countries, cooperation is to be offered for the purpose of introducing TPLCS according to the conditions of each country by utilizing the “Guidance for Introducing the TPLCS” prepared in the project and offering expertise obtained from Japan’s experience effectively.
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