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Promote societies in harmony with nature, while adapting to climate change

Project Name Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN)(217KB)
Location Asia and the Pacific
Project Background Effective implementation of adaptation and capacity building actions is the key to reduce vulnerability to climate change. In response to the needs for adaptation knowledge and capacity building, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in partnership with key UN and other international and bilateral agencies facilitated the development of the Global Adaptation Network (GAN). Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) is the first regional network under the GAN launched in October 2009 in Bangkok by the Prime Minister of Thailand with initial support from the Government of Japan, the Government of Sweden and the Asian Development Bank.
Objectives To build climate resilience of vulnerable social systems, ecosystems and economies through the mobilization of knowledge, best practices and technologies to support adaptation capacity building, policy-setting, planning and with the special aims to 1)generate and share information to strengthen capacity and effective implementation of adaptation at regional (the Asia Pacific), national and local levels, 2) facilitate application of appropriate knowledge, 3) inform development planning and investment, and 4) assist developing countries to access adaptation finance mechanisms.
Member Countries All the countries in Asia and the Pacific region
Project Achievements During its two-year inception phase (2010-2011), APAN established the foundation of the operations: the secretariat, the regional hub, and its sub-regional/thematic partners (nodes). APAN′s regional hub also held Adaptation Forum, organized several consultation meetings in sub-regions as well as workshops on selected topics, conducted gap analysis and synthesis studies, published newsletters, and launched its website to disseminate knowledge and information including the above. From Fall of 2011, APAN started collaboration with USAID-funded project in Asia (ADAPT-Asia)
outh Asia Media Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation 18-20 May 2011, Dhulikhel and Kathmandu, Nepal (group work)   South Asia Media Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation 19 May 2011, Dhulikhel, Nepal (field work)   South Asia Media Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation 16-17 November 2011, Thimpu, Bhutan
Planned Activities APAN will continue to implement some of the activities initiated under the inception phase and continue its operation in the Development Phase. It will also consider undertaking new activities to respond to new developments in the region if necessary. Activities in the development phase will include:
  • Organise annual Adaptation Forum
  • Develop and implement sub-regional/national activities in the sub regions
  • Expand network and partnerships
  • Organise consultation meetings, workshops, learning seminars in collaboration with sub-regional/thematic partners (nodes)
  • Update and upgrade APAN′s website and disseminate information and knowledge products.
Project Partners APAN is facilitated by UNEP-ROAP, Regional Resource Center for the Asia Pacific (RRC.AP), and the Institute for Global Environment Strategies (IGES) in partnership with other key organisations such as ADB, USAID, SEI.
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