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Overseas Environmental Measures of Japanese Companies

Research Report on Trends in Environmental Considerations related to Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies FY 1998

March, 1999 Global Environmental Forum


  1. Section 1 Thailand and Japanese Companies
  2. Section 2 Current Environmental Issues in Thailand
  3. Section 3 Environmental Policies in Thailand
  4. Section 4 Industrial Pollution Controls and Regulations
  5. Section 5 Water Pollution Management
  6. Section 6 Air Pollution Management
  7. Section 7 Hazardous Waste Management
  8. Section 8 Environmental Impact Assessment in Thailand

  1. Section 1 Japanese Companies in Thailand and their Environmental Conservation
  2. Section 2 Cases of Meeting Strict Wastewater Standards
  3. Section 3 Cases of Establishing an Environmental Management System
  4. Section 4 Cases of Adopting Locally Tailored Environmental Practices
  5. Section 5 Other Examples of Innovative Environmental Practices

  1. [Appendix 1] Enhancement and Conservation of National Environmental Quality Act, B.E.2535, A.D.1992
  2. [Appendix 2] Notification of the Ministry of Industry No.6, B.E.2540, A.D.1997
  3. Prescribing Treatment of Hazardous Waste Substances
  4. [Appendix 3] Current State of Environmental Practices of Japanese Companies in Thailand and Other Asian Countries
  5. [Appendix 4] Sources of Environmental Information in Thailand and Japan