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Overseas Environmental Measures of Japanese Companies

Research Report on Trends in Environmental Considerations related to Overseas Activities of Japanese Companies FY 1997

March 1998 Global Environmental Forum


  1. Section 1 Overview of Environmental Problems and Environmental Policies
  2. Section 2 Environmental Administration, Laws and Regulations Centering on the New Environmental Management Act
  3. Section 3 Water Pollution Control Measures
  4. Section 4 Air Pollution Control Measures
  5. Section 5 Hazardous and Toxic Waste Control Measures
  6. Section 6 Environmental Impact Assessment System

  1. Section 1 Japanese Companies in Indonesia and Environmental Conservation
  2. Section 2 Cases of Complying with Stringent Effluent Standards
  3. Section 3 Cases of Companies Located in Industrial Estate
  4. Section 4 Cases of Various Environmental Conservation Activities
  5. Section 5 Cases of Establishing Environmental Management System

  1. [Appendix 1] The Environmental Management Act of 1997 (Law NO.23 of 1997) and its Elucidation
  2. [Appendix 2] Current Status of Environmental Practices of Japanese Companies in Indonesia and Other Asian Countries
  3. [Appendix 3] Trends in International Standards for Environmental Management Systems
  4. [Appendix 4] Sources of Environmental Information in Indonesia and Japan