Hydrogen Supply Chain Platform

What is a Low-carbon Hydrogen Supply Chain?
Hydrogen Supply Chain Platform

Hydrogen Supply Chain for the Realization of a Decarbonized Hydrogen Society

Image of a Hydrogen Society Image

Image of a Hydrogen Society

Hydrogen is one of the most important energy sources because it generates electricity and heat without CO2 through the use of fuel cells. It could even be a lower-carbon energy source when it is produced from renewable energy.

There are various projects to utilize hydrogen involving fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell forklifts, or hydrogen power generation both in and outside of Japan.

Examples of mobility or infrastructure for the realization of a hydrogen society

  • Fuel Cell Vehicle(FCV)

    Fuel Cell Vehicle(FCV) Image
  • Commercial Scale Hydrogen Station

    Commercial Scale Hydrogen Station Image
  • Fuel Cell Fork Lift(FCFL)

    Fuel Cell Fork Lift(FCFL) Image
  • Hydrogen Power Plant

    Hydrogen Power Plant Image

Educational Materials


The Ministry of the Environment of Japan has created educational materials to promote its activities for the creation of hydrogen society and projects for constructing a hydrogen supply chain for a decarbonized society.