Regional 3R Forum in Asia

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“The Regional 3R Forum in Asia”

   At the East Asia Environment Ministers Meeting held in October 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the inauguration of the Regional 3R Forum in Asia was proposed by Japan and endorsed by the leaders of the participating countries, as the platform to promote 3R in the Asian developing countries in corporation with the governments, international organizations and donor communities. The Inaugural Meeting of the Regional 3R Forum in Asia was held on November 11 and 12 participated by the delegates from the 15 Asian countries governments, international organizations, and 3R experts.

   TOKYO 3R STATEMENT on the establishment of the Regional 3R Forum in Asia was adopted by the participants. Under the framework of the Regional 3R Forum in Asia, the promotion of high level 3R policy dialogue and assistance in the 3R projects in each country, sharing the information to promote 3R, and networking among the concerned parties will be proceeded.

“What are the 3Rs ?”

   The 3Rs refer to restricting generation (Reduce), promoting reuse (Reuse) and regeneration(Recycle) of wastes, and represent the concept of balancing environmental conservation and economic growth through the effective use of resources.

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