World Heritage property

World Heritage property The Shiretoko Peninsula is located in the northeastern part of Hokkaido, and contains sheer cliffs, wetlands and lakes, and steep mountains of about 1,500m formed by volcanic activity. The World Heritage property is an area of approximately 71,100 ha that includes Shiretoko Peninsula, from the central part to the Shiretoko Cape at the tip, and the surrounding ocean.

World Heritage property Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center Sea cliffs Furepe Waterfall Mt. Rausu Shiretoko Goko Lakes Kamuiwakka Waterfall Mt. Iou Sea ice (drift ice) Whale watching Shiretoko World Heritage Rusa Field House Rausu Visitor Center Lake Rausu Steller's sea eagle White-tailed eagle Viola kitamiana Salmon Steller sea lion Yezo sika Brown bear Blakiston's fish-owl

Caution: During the wintertime, the Trans-Shiretoko Highway is closed.

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