Water / Soil / Ground Environment

State of Japan's Environment at a Glance:Water Pollution

Remarkable improvements have been made over recent years in water quality in Japan, owing to significant reduction of pollution by heavy metals, as a result of regulations on industrial wastewater. On the other hand, environmental quality standards for organic pollution are still not being met at about 30% of Japan's total water area. In particular, there has been little improvement in urban rivers and enclosed water areas such as inland seas, inlets, lakes, and reservoirs.

Rates of non-conformity to water environmentalquality standards for protecting human health

Rates of non-conformity for health-related pollutants (based on old environmental quality standards)
(Non-conformity rate for alkyl-mercury has been 0% since 1971)

Rates of conformity to water environmental quality standards

(BOD or COD) (according to water area)

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