Water / Soil / Ground Environment

The Results of Radioactive Material Monitoring Surveys of Aquatic Organisms (2015 Winter Samples)

Survey Overview and Results

Results of each river

Abukuma River (A, B)Results [PDF 193KB] , Map [PDF 44KB]
Uda River CResults [PDF178KB] , Map [PDF92KB]
Mano River DResults [PDF135KB] , Map [PDF47KB]
Niida River EResults [PDF139KB] , Map [PDF74KB]
Ota River FResults [PDF137KB] , Map [PDF48KB]
Lake Hayama GResults [PDF136KB] , Map [PDF98KB]
Lake Akimoto HResults [PDF140KB] , Map [PDF44KB]
Lake Inawashiro(I,J)Results [PDF136KB] , Map [PDF46KB]
Off the Abukuma River Estuary KResults [PDF126KB] , Map [PDF77KB]
Offshore of Soma City LResults [PDF125KB] , Map [PDF60KB]
Offshore of Iwaki City MResults [PDF136KB] , Map [PDF47KB]

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