Outline of the Waste Treatment Facilities Development Program


  1. Reforms to the waste treatment facilities development program
    • The Waste Treatment Facilities Development Program is formulated in line with the basic principles of the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Law, including waste reduction targets.
    • Emphasis in the contents changed from the amount of project costs to actual outcomes.

  2. Premise for the implementation of the development program
    • Implementation of projects presupposes an effort to reduce the generation of waste.

  3. Utilization of the development program and its significance
    • Implementation of policy assessment for each fiscal year.

Chapter 1 Prioritized, Effective and Efficient Implementation of the Development of Waste Treatment Facilities

  1. Conducting strict project assessment
    Assessing individual projects before and after implementation.

  2. Reducing cost through technological development, etc.
    Examining and redesigning the overall process of the program from the viewpoint of cost-effectiveness.

  3. Securing the understanding and cooperation of local residents
    Conducting assessments of the impact on the living environment, listening to the opinions of the local residents.

  4. Ensuring coordination between programs
    Coordinating with other public works projects (sewage, etc.).

  5. Utilizing existing waste treatment facilities and combining with other waste management activities
    Good use of existing waste treatment facilities such as landfill sites, linkage with waste reduction measures including reuse and recycling.

  6. Ensuring fairness in the bidding and contracting of works for the construction of waste treatment facilities
    Improving transparency in bidding and contracting, competitiveness, etc.

  7. Tapping funds and abilities of the private sector
    Promotion of private financing initiative (PFI) projects, etc.

Chapter 2 Major Goals of the Waste Treatment Facilities Development Program and Outline of Projects That Should be Implemented Effectively and Efficiently to Ensure Their Achievement

Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan