Environmental Policy

The Basic Environment Plan - Part IV


Section 1. Implementation Scheme and Society-wide Cooperation

Upon decision of the Basic Environment Plan, it is essential that all members of society share common understanding, cooperate together and act for conservation of the environment. The Government ministries and agencies shall work closely together through the Cabinet meeting, related ministers' councils and conferences of ministries and agencies concerned, to comprehensively and systematically implement the environmental measures provided in the Plan. Local governments are expected to promote policies and measures comparable to the State as well as their own in line with the direction of the Plan and according to the natural and social conditions of each area, through comprehensive systematic measures such as establishing a comprehensive environmental plan.

It is required that the State, local governments, corporations, people and private organizations cooperate in line with the Plan and in close partnership to promote various measures and activities voluntarily sharing fair burden each other. In particular, cooperation between the State and local governments will be strengthened so as to ensure that various measures in the Plan are implemented effectively.

The State shall promote systematic collection, accumulation and use of relevant environmental information in order to monitor, evaluate and utilize the progress of various measures and activities under the Plan as well as to disseminate them to the sectors concerned who are promoting those activities through various means such as publishing annual white paper on the environment. Measures shall be promoted for nationwide information exchanges to support the activities of regional organizations comprised of local governments, corporations and people aimed at fostering the measures and activities under the Plan.

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Section 2. Setting Specific Goals

In order to ensure the effective implementation of measures under the Plan, efforts will be made to promptly develop comprehensive indicators concerning the long-term objectives specified in the PART II. Whereas various specific goals have been set regarding certain measures, investigations required shall be undertaken from comprehensive viewpoint in light of the principal directions of the Plan and these goals shall be reconsidered where necessary so as to ensure the measures will be effectively implemented. Also, in the fields where necessary, specific goals shall be set and new programs shall be developed.

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Section 3. Financial and Other Measures

The State shall promote financial and other measures necessary to implement the measures under the Plan. In so doing, it shall take account of the progress of the Plan and the state of the environment as well as appropriately ensure the comprehensive promotion of various public works coherently with the Guideline for budget on the environmental expenditure, which is set by the Environment Agency every year.

The State shall, likewise, make efforts to provide necessary financial and other assistance for expenditures on environmental measures which are voluntarily implemented by local governments according to the situations of each locality.

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Section 4. Coordination among National Plans

The Basic Environment Plan is the nation's basic plan for environmental conservation. It is therefore essential that between the Plan and other national plans, harmony with the Basic Environment Plan should be ensued relating to environmental conservation.

Other national plans which are exclusively aiming at environmental conservation shall be formulated and promoted in accordance with the principal directions of the Basic Environment Plan.

As for other national plans which include provisions on environmental conservation, these are to be compatible with the principal directions of the Basic Environment Plan relating to environmental conservation, so harmonious coordination shall be ensured with the Plan.

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Section 5. Follow-up of Progress and Review of the Plan

To ensure steady implementation of the Basic Environment Plan, the Central Environment Council will follow-up the progress of measures under the plan every year, hearing the opinions of the public and each sector of society, and, where necessary, report to the Government on future policy directions.

The Plan shall be reviewed, responding flexibly and appropriately to the changes of economy and society in Japan and abroad. The review will be made in around five years after the Cabinet decision on the Plan.

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