Environmental Policy

Meeting Summary :Junior Eco-Club Asia Conference

3 November 1996, Niigata, Japan


  1. The Meeting of the Government Officials / NGO
    Representatives in the Junior Eco-Club Asia Conference was convened in Niigata, Japan on 3 November 1996. Government officials, NGO representatives and others in charge of promoting children's environmental activities from China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand participated in the meeting. The meeting was coordinated by Mr. Yoshihiro Natori, Director of Research and Information Office, Global Environment Department, Environment Agency of Japan.
  2. Presentation of the Junior Eco-Club program in Japan was made by the Environment Agency of Japan and Niigata Prefectural Government.
  3. Japanese assistance program for encouraging children's environmental activities in Asian countries was introduced by the Environment Agency of Japan.
  4. Representatives form eight Asian countries made presentations about children's environmental activities in their countries. These countries are China, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
  5. The participants discussed about the future cooperation among Asian countries to promote children's environmental activities in this region. Recognizing the importance of the continuous information exchange and networking of such activities in Asian countries, the participants:
    • i) agreed that each country will nominate one or two contact persons for the information exchange by the end of November;
    • ii) welcomed the Japanese proposal to issue a newsletter for this purpose; and
    • iii) generally agreed that the international conferences of this kind should be held continuously.
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