Environmental Policy

OUR RESOLUTION in Shizuoka :The 2nd Junior Eco-Club Asia Conference


Gathering here at the foot of Mt. Fuji,
we considered how to live in harmony with nature and our earth.

Representing many of Asia's countries,
we met and worked together to decide on these resolutions.

  • We will restore the nature, which is being lost, to make the earth cleaner by our efforts absolutely!
  • The future of the environment is in our hands. Let us act quickly now to preserve our natural surroundings for ourselves and for many generations to come!
  • Let us preserve the Natural surroundings for us and the future generations to enjoy.
  • Let us do our part for Mother Earth
    • a. Recycle your rubbish
    • b. Value the things we use
    • c. Reduce CO2, use bicycle
  • Each person should try to protect the Earth by automatically participating in environmental activities.
  • We want to spread ideas of how to conserve the environment to our friends, the younger children and to all around us.
  • We will all work hard together towards preserving our animals, and saving our trees, by recycling papers.
  • We will all keep our environment clean by not littering.
  • Promote the consciousness of environmental conservation of the young generation.
  • Preserve the nature by not wasting paper and water and recycling; preserve the forest and protect the animals.
  • We must clean our environment by turning off lights in unused rooms, recycling our waste and bicycling to nearby locations.
  • Nature is our mother, so we should protect her.
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