Environmental Policy

Our Promise of Friendship in Niigata :Junior Eco-Club Asia Conference

Our Promise of Friendship in Niigata

We love this beautiful earth.
We love the sweet flowers and the animals.
We love the fresh air, water and soil.
We love the trees that give us life.
We all are Mother Nature's children.

Today, 3 November 1996, we gathered from Asian countries and made a special promise to do something for Mother Earth.
We promise to continue our efforts to protect the environment so as to keep the earth as wonderful as it is.
As children of Asia, we cherish our friendship grown in Niigata, Japan, forever.

Let us join our hands together and proceed towards our goal.
There will be a day when we can smile at the clean, beautiful earth and say,


Because we are the leaders of tomorrow.
May we be friends forever !

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