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Report of the International Coral Reef Initiative(ICRI) -- Second Regional Workshop for the East Asian Seas

[International Cooperation] Report of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI)

Annex IV.


February 16, Sunday (Symposium)

13:00 Registration
13:30 Opening Remarks
  • * Ms. Michiko Ishii
    Minister of State, Director General, Environment Agency
  • * Mr. Masahide Ota
    Governor, Okinawa Prefectural Government
Keynote Lectures
  • * Dr. Richard A. Kenchington
    Global Coordinator, ICRI
    "ICRI and International Directions in Reef Conservation."
  • * Dr. Makoto Tsuchiya
    Professor, University of the Ryukyus
    "Coexistence of Coral Reefs and Human Beings: Why We Need to Conserve Coral Reefs."
Panel Discussion
  • * Dr. Kenji Konishi (Coordinator)
    Professor Emeritus, Kanazawa University
  • * Ms. Kin Looi-Ch'ng
    Planning Officer, UNEP EASRCU
  • * Mr. Hajime Ikeda
    Fisherman of Yaeyama Island
  • * Dr. Richard A. Kenchington
    ICRI Executive Office
  • * Mr. Ikuo Nakamura
    Underwater Photographer
  • * Mr. Fuminori Nishime
    Okinawa Environmental Analysis Center
  • * Dr. Makoto Tsuchiya
    Professor, University of the Ryukyus

17 February, Monday (Plenary Session)

10:00 Registration
10:30 Opening Remarks
  • * Mr. Hiroshi Sawamura
    Director-General of the Nature Conservation Bureau, Environment Agency of Japan
  • * Dr. Seisho Higa
    Director-General of the Environment and Health Department, Okinawa Prefectural Government
  • * Dr. Ian Dight (UNEP) "Review on Activities of ICRI"
  • * Dr. Richard Kenchington (ICRI)

Nomination of Chairperson
Chairperson: Dr. Kenji Konishi

Adoption of Agenda

Introduction of IUCN
* Mr. Paul Holthus (IUCN)

Introduction of GCRMN
* Dr. Clive Wilkinson (GCRMN Coordinator, AIMS)

Introduction of Reefbase 2.0
* Dr. John McManus (ICLARM)

Presentation of Country Reports
  • * Australia, Brunei Darussalm, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • * Mr. Mitsuo Usuki (UNEP/ROAP): Cooperation of UNEP ROAP in the East Asia Seas Regional Activities of ICRI
  • * Dr. Gregor Hodgson
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Reception (hosted by Okinawa Prefectural Government)

18 February, Tuesday (Group Session)

Working Group 1 (Coastal Management)
Chairperson :
Dr. Richard Kenchington (ICRI)
co :
Mr. Shigeki Wada (Environment Agency of Japan)
Rapporteur :
Mr. Abdul Khalil bin Abdul Karim (Malaysia)
09:00 -
Presentation of Reports and Discussions
  1. The Natural Park System of Japan
    * Mr. Masaki Nagaoka
    (Assistant Director, National Park Division, Environment Agency)
    * Dr. Suharsono
    (Senior Researcher, Research and Development Center for Oceanology, Indonesian Institute of Science)
  3. Promotion of Okinawa's Development and Coral Reef Conservation Practice
    *Mr. Toshihiko Shiozawa
    (Director-General of the Development Construction Division, Okinawa Development Agency)
  4. Domestic Action Plan
    *Mr. Ramate Sukpum
    (Coastal and Marine Resources Sub-Division, Natural. Resources and Environmental Management Division, Office of Environmental Policy and Planning, Government of Thailand)
Working Group 2 (Capacity Building and Monitoring)
Chairperson :
Dr. Porfirio Alino (the Philippines)
co :
Dr. Clive Wilkinson (GCRMN)
Rapporteur :
Mr. Jeffrey K. Y. Low (Singapore)
09 :00 -
Presentations and Discussions
  1. Introduction of Training Programme of JICA
    * Mr. Yasumitsu Araki (Okinawa International Center, JICA)
  2. Introduction of International Year of the Reef(IYOR)
    * Mr. Paul Holthus (IUCN)
  3. Introduction of IYOR activities in Japan
    * Mr. Tasuku Uno (Chairman, Marine Parks Center of Japan)
  4. Work of the Aquarium in the Conservation of Coral Reef
    * Mr. Kouchi Tonosaki
    (Director (Park), Okinawa Development Agency)
  5. Assessing the Global Health of Coral Reefs: Reef Check 1997
    * Dr. Gregor Hodgson
    (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
  6. The National Survey on the Natural Environment of Japan
    (Distribution Map of Coral Reef)
  7. * Mr.Mamoru Koarai
    (Survey and Planning Officer, Office of Natural Environment Survey, Environment Agency)
  8. GCRMN Regional Nodes in East Asia Seas
    * Dr. Clive Wilkinson (GCRMN)
Country Discussion
Working Group (1 and 2)
Reporting of country priority programmes/projects
Regional actions
Plenary Session
Discussion of outcomes of Group 1 and 2

February 19, Wednesday (Excursion)

(Drafting Group prepared draft of Okinawa Declaration)

February 20 , Thursday (Group Session and Plenary Session)

Working Group 3 (Mechanism for Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation)
Chairperson :
Mr. Mitsuo Usuki (UNEP)
co :
Dr. Suharsono (Indonesia)
Rapporteur :
Dr. Chou Loke Ming (Singapore)
  1. Presentation of country and regional reports
    (output of working groups)
  2. EAS UNEP GEF Strategic Action Programme
  3. GCRMN.

    * Framework
    * Coordination
    * Financing

Plenary Session
Discussion and Adoption of Okinawa Declaration
17:30 - Press Conference
18:30 - Farewell Party (hosted by the Environment Agency)

Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan

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