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Public Comments Invited regarding the Designation of Anolis Angusticeps as an "Invasive Alien Species"

May 15, 2007

With the designation of Anolis carolinensis (green anole) and A. sagrei (brown anole) as "Invasive Alien Species (IAS)" based on the "Invasive Alien Species Act" in June 2005, all the other species of Anolis and all species of Norops were designated as "Uncategorized Alien Species (UAS)." It is prohibited to import UAS without the pertinent ministers' judgment that the species in question does not have the likelihood of causing adverse effects on ecosystems. On receiving the notification of importing A. angusticeps, the meeting concluded that A. angusticeps should be designated as an IAS. The MOE will invite public comments regarding this conclusion from May 15 to June 13, via mail, FAX and e-mail. An overview of received comments will be compiled and disclosed to the public.

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