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FY 2006 Interim Result of the 38th Annual Census on Waterfowl (Anatidae) Population

April 17, 2007

The Annual Census on Waterfowl (Anatidae) Population is the nationwide census of winter Anatidae population in Japan. It has been executed every January since 1970 in cooperation with all prefectures with the participation of about 5,000 people. In FY 2006, the census was executed mainly on the 14th of January 2007 at ca. 9,000 sites all over the country.
The interim results are as follows: ca. 79,000 swans, 123,000 geese and 1,879,000 ducks were observed in Japan. While there were no specific changes in the total number of waterfowls (Anatidae) observed in the last decade, the numbers of geese, coming in huge waves, have demonstrated an upward trend in the long term.

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