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Overview of the Environmental Conservation Expenditure in the FY2007 Budget

January 22, 2007

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has compiled the FY2007 Environmental Conservation Expenditure.
In order for the government to implement environmental conservation measures efficiently and effectively, the MOE annually coordinates budget estimation policies of relevant ministries and agencies, pursuant to Article 4-3 of the Act for Establishment of the Ministry of the Environment; and compiles environmental conservation expenditure based on the system of measures and policies put forth in the Basic Environment Plan.
The total of all environmental conservation expenditures in the FY 2007 budget is 2,094,900 million yen, which is 39,300 million yen or 1.8 % less than the FY 2006 initial budget amount. The expenditure for global environmental conservation, however, has increased 31 billion yen or 6.7 % from the FY 2006 initial budget.

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