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Announcement of Unified Logo for Branding National Parks

July 25, 2017

1. Background and Objectives

As part of the inter-ministerial initiative of "Tourism Vision to Support the Future of Japan ," the Ministry of the Environment is promoting the "Project to Fully Enjoy National Parks" with the aim of branding Japan's national parks to world class status. Our specific goal is to increase the number of national park visitors who are foreign nationals visiting Japan to 10 million by 2020.
To achieve that goal, it is important that Japan's national parks are recognized by people outside Japan as "an attractive place worth visiting." At the same time, the local residents and other parties concerned should commonly share the awareness about the sound use and conservation of the parks, in a way commensurate with their value and charms.
The unified logo and the brand slogan we announce today have been created newly with the objective of spreading and establishing the value and charms of Japan's national parks among many people in and out of the country.

2. National Parks Unified Logo

* The logo was designed by Mr. Yoshiaki Irobe, a designer widely recognized especially for his creative ideas on the total design including the usage and application of the logo. He made a number of site visits, listened to the voices of MOE Park Rangers and kept the following three points in mind when deciding the design:
・ To convey a sense of sanctuary (unified brand that makes a difference)
・ To possess the dynamism required for the new brand launch
・ To maximize the appeal of Japan's national parks with their rich diversity

3. Brand Slogan of Japan's National Parks

Stories to Experience -National Parks of Japan-

* Interviews with Park Rangers and other experts as well as an Internet survey of people overseas about national parks in Japan revealed that: (a) Japan's national parks are full of diverse natural beauties and preserve in a condensed form the lives, cultures and histories that have evolved there, and (b) potential foreign visitors are looking forward to experiencing locale-specific nature, history and culture, and immersing themselves in uniquely Japanese nature of four distinctive seasons.   

4. Future Plans

We will use the unified logo and the slogan in the web pages of national parks, official SNS media and brochures to spread the appeal of Japan's national parks to the world. The unified logo will also be put up successively on road signs and other guides in the national parks to establish the sense of sanctuary.
Further, individual logos for each of the 34 national parks will be designed in the course of the next fiscal year with a view to transmitting their respective unique charms. These logos will be designed with attention to congeniality with the unified logo and to the voices of the interested parties in each locality.

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