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Asia EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Conference 2016 in Nagoya

April 22, 2016

Asia EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Conference 2016 is scheduled to be held on 10th (Tue) May, 2016, in Nagoya city.

The Conference aims at enhancing mutual learning of EIA, which is a useful tool for building sustainable society and eventually leading to sustainable development, by addressing key challenges in Asian countries and the region.

For doing so, it is expected at the Conference to promote exchange of experiences among those countries, regions, and development agencies, to discuss how Asian countries can learn good practices from each other so as to adopt or scale up them in relevant countries.

  1. Venue:

    Castle Plaza

    Mei-Eki, 4-3-25, Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya city.

    450-0002, Aichi Prefecture

  2. Date and Time:

    9:00 -18:20, 10th (Tue) May, 2016

  3. Host of the Conference

    The Conference is hosted by Ministry of the Environment of Japan,

    in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB).

    Besides, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Convention Linkage, Inc.

    serve as the secretariat.

  4. Registered participants

    Registered participants of approx. 120 in total are consisted of;

  • High level government officials (Director General, etc.) in charge of EIA, environmental performance assessment, and/or environmental/social safeguards, and practitioners from relevant organizations in Asia;

  • Representatives from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the World Bank, Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement network (AECEN), etc.;

  • Japanese Advisory Committee members for the project, and,

  • Experts in the field of EIA

Please note that the Conference is closed except media personnel registered as audience.

  1. Major themes

    Major themes at the Conference are;

  • Sharing challenges and good practices of EIA system and its implementation in Asia region, and,

  • Regional efforts toward enhancement of both EIA system and its implementation.

  1. Language

    Language used at the Conference is English

  2. Registration for media personnel

    Media personnel are kindly requested to register by 17:00(JST), 28th April, via email to

    with the title of

    'Request for news gathering at Asia EIA Conference 2016'

    using the format below.

    ---------------------- Format ----------------------------------------

    This is to request news gathering at the Conference as audience.





    I want to listen to sessions following the opening remarks. Yes□ No□

    ---------------------- Format ----------------------------------------

    ・Please be advised that taking picture is allowed only at delivery of the opening remarks.

    ・The result of the Conference will be summarized and uploaded to our homepage, at a later date.

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