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In regard to an award ceremony for the Cover Page Competition for the "Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society, and Biodiversity in Japan 2016".

March 14, 2016

We have conducted this event with a hope to stimulate more interest in environmental problems in order to establish a low-carbon society, sound material-cycle society, and biodiversity, as well as to attract more people to join a circle to construct sustainable energetic society. After careful consideration, it is our pleasure to announce the winners of the competition as follows. The winners are invited to attend the award ceremony. The work of winners is going to be printed on the cover and the back cover of the Annual Report on the Environment FY 2016 to be published later next fiscal year.

2. Number of entrants (Oct. 19, 2015 ~ Jan. 29, 2016)
Grade school student's category: 714 entrants
General public category (age over high school students): 71 entrants
Total: 785 entrants

3. Winners (names listed without honorifics)
(1)Grade school students category
■The Best Award (The Minister of the Environment Award)
 Saki Hiwada (Saitama prefecture Kasukabe city Higashi Junior High School 2nd year)

■A Merit Award
 Masayoshi Sugawara (Iwate prefecture Oshu city Tokiwa elementary school 1st grade)

■An Excellent Works
 KEN SHIRAWAKA(India International School)
 Hinata Hori (Tochigi prefecture Utsunomiya city Yokokawa-Nishi elementary school 2nd grade)
 Mizuki Nakamura (Fukushima prefecture Koriyama city Daigo Junior High School 1st year)
 Rio Hosokawa (Tokushima prefecture Higashi-miyoshi town Miyoshi Junior High School 2nd year)

(2)General public category
■The Best Award (The Minister of the Environment Award)
 Yoshinari Ishimura(Ehime prefecture)
■A Merit Award
 Mika Tsukamoto(Tokyo Metropolitan Kogei High School 2nd year)

4. A panel of judges
The Chair:
 Kimiko Kozawa (Professor Emerita, Tokyo Gakugei University)
 Shigetaka Kokubu (President, National elementary and junior high school environmental education meeting for the study) 
 Akio Ikemura (Professor, Entertainment Design, Tokai University)
 Yasunari Murakami (Picture book writer)
 Nobutoshi Miyoshi (Director General Environmental Policy Bureau, MOE)

5. Award Ceremony
Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2015 14:00 ~ 14:30
Place: First conference room at Ministry of the Environment
(Central Government Building No.5, 22nd floor)
Attendees: Award winners, the executive members of Ministry of the Environment, and the like.

6. Media
Those who would like to cover the award ceremony are kindly requested to register by 5 p.m. on March 29. Please identify name of company or media, your name, contact number, and still/ENG camera, either by phone at 03-5521-8328 or fax at 03-3581-5951. Make sure to wear an armband and/or media accreditation of your company when covering the ceremony. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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