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About the Status of Johkasou Installation at the End of Fiscal 2012

January 31, 2014

The installation number of Johkasou (Japanese waste water treatment system) of the end of fiscal 2012 (the end of March, 2013) was 7.76 million. The breakdown of this, amalgamation processing by Johkasou that combine and process night soil and miscellaneous drainage account for about 42% of the whole at 3.23 million, and Tandoku-shori Johkasou (single processing Johkasou) where only night soil is processed account for about 58% of the whole at 4.53 million. The number of new installations of Johkasou in fiscal 2012 was 134,330. The total installation number of Johkasou increased about 84,000 from fiscal 2011.

The implementation rate of water quality inspection based on Article 7 of the Johkasou Law for the purpose of determining whether Johkasou are performing their desired functions after installation reached 91.0%, decreased by 0.6 points compared to fiscal 2011. The rate of periodical annual inspection based on Article 11 of the above mentioned law for the purpose of determining whether Johkasou are properly maintained and managed, and whether their functions are normally maintained, reached 33.4%, increased by 1.6 points compared to fiscal 2011 (the rate reached and the points increased for only Johkasou (the amalgamation processing type) were 53.0% and 1.1 points respectively).

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