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Economic Survey of Environmental Industries in December 2012

February 22, 2013

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has been conducting its official survey of environmental industry every 6 months since December 2010, and announced the results of "Economic Survey of Environmental Industries in December 2012."
The result showed that the Diffusion Index (DI) of business confidence in environmental industries remained flat since the previous survey (June 2012), and maintained healthy conditions (Business confidence DI in environmental industries was +10 in June 2012 and +9 in December 2012 while Business confidence DI in all industries was -9 in December 2012).
As in the previous survey, the companies expected environmental industries to continuously improve in 6 months and in 10 years. The business confidence DI in Countermeasures against Climate Change was the one which successively surpassed that in all environmental businesses, and the respondents especially saw the potentials in energy-related businesses.

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