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Result of the KLH-MOEJ Expert Meeting and the Joint Workshop on Enhancement of Environmental Management Capacity in Indonesia

February 15, 2011

The MOE of Japan (MOEJ) held the above-mentioned meeting and workshop with the State Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia (KLH) on the 9th and 10th of February, 2011, in suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia (venue: Environmental Management Center, KLH)

At the end of the expert meeting, they agreed as below:
- Their cooperation project is aimed to construct workable "policy package" that realize both raising of environmental awareness, enhancement of environmental management capacity and environmental technology introduction in SMEs, on the basis of past achievements and efforts of Indonesian national/local government(s) and international cooperation projects.

In the workshop, they discussed and shared common awareness as below:
- Eliminating a mismatch between development of legal systems and enforcement system/planning is required in Indonesia. In particular, human resource development in SMEs remains paramount.
- Strengthening mutual collaboration among national/local government(s), industries, and research institutes/universities is essential to realize workable "policy package" in Indonesia.

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