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The official song for COP 10 has been decided

September 21, 2010

"LIFE IN HARMONY", a song written by MISIA, the Honorary Ambassador for COP 10, under the theme of biodiversity, has been designated by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity as the official song for COP 10.

Inspired by the slogan for COP 10, "Life in harmony, into the future", reflecting the image of the symbiosis with nature, this song was created. There is a message in the song that emphasizes that it's only when there are linkages among various living things and people that we are alive and we will cherish such linkage of all our lives.

Since the appointment as the Honorary Ambassador for COP 10 by the United Nations in March, MISIA has been proactively involved in the promotion and dissemination of COP 10. It is expected that this COP 10 official song designation will provide momentum for her activities.

The Ministry of the Environment supports MISIA's activities as the Honorary Ambassador for COP 10 like this as "Biodiversity X MISIA Project."

"LIFE IN HARMONY" (The official song for COP 10)
Produced by: David Foster
Lyrics by: MISIA
Song by: yellowRubato

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