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Cooperative development project of wastewater treatment facilities

August 27, 2010

Cooperative development project of wastewater treatment facilities (here in after referred to as "cooperative project") is a project system that accredits the municipality in which water quality control in the public water district will be promoted more, and executes development of wastewater treatment facility, such as sewerage, agricultural effluent treatment facilities, Johkasoh, community wastewater treatment plants etc. based on the project plan of cooperative development drawn up by municipalities in 5 years intensively.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Infrastructure and the MOE (referred to as the "3 Ministries") executed cooperative project since FY 1997, and have ever accredited 50 municipalities, and is developing effective and efficient wastewater treatment facilities by making most of the characteristics of wastewater treatment facilities in each municipality.

In order to precede information disclosure of cooperative project, the 3 ministries published the development status of wastewater treatment facilities and the status of effluent quality, and they decided to summarize and publish the data about 4 municipalities which completed the cooperative project by FY 2009 (accredited in FY 2005).

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