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Update on National Committee for IYB

May 20, 2010

This year is the "International Year of Biodiversity" as proclaimed by the United Nations. The UN's decision has encouraged all its member states to set up a National Committee to mark the celebration of IYB, with representatives from all the stakeholders including businesses, youth, and academic. In response to the UN's call, the MOE formed the National Committee for IYB in January 2010.
In order to celebrate the IYB, the committee will hereafter implement the "Life on Earth project", recruit and register members of the "Life on Earth Supporters' Club", and introduce activities undertaken by the committee on its website, which will be launched later.
Also, the MOE hereby announces that SEKISUI JUSHI Corporation made the first donation to the management of the national committee and will be registered as a member of the Life on Earth Supporters' Club.
The MOE will continue its call for donations.

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