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Economic Survey of Environmental Industries (tentative name) Preliminary Report

April 14, 2010

Our first and trial survey focusing on environmental industries, conducted from 5th to 26th of February, 2010.

Main findings of the survey are the following:
1. There are quite a number of companies which are expecting that the environmental industries as a whole will grow in the next 10 years.
2. The DI (Diffusion Index) within the companies which are in or going into environmental industries is 0. This is relatively good compared with -14, the DI for all the industries except for financial industry (Large Enterprises) of Bank of Japan's Tankan survey (Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan) in March. Especially, the DI for the business of energy-saving home appliances and environment-friendly cars stand at dozens of positive points, indicating apparently better economic condition in these industries.

In addition, the MOE estimated the market size of environmental industries. The result shows the market continued to grow to reach approximately 75 trillion yen in 2008.

Later this year (2010), this survey is planned to be conducted periodically to clarify the relationship between the trends of environmental industries and overall economic conditions.

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