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Results of the International Experts Meeting on the International Satoyama Initiative Concept: Biodiversity and Its Sustainability

July 30, 2009

The Meeting of International Experts on the International Satoyama Initiative Concept "Biodiversity and Sustainability" was held on the 25th of July, 2009, in the Elizabeth Rose Hall, UNU HQ, Tokyo.
At this meeting, the theme of "biodiversity and sustainability" triggered active discussions on the International Satoyama Initiative Concept in line with the lectures given by participants, such as "biodiversity and ecosystem service," and "human well-being and Satoyama-like landscape."
At the end of the meeting, the Chair's Summary was compiled to share a common understanding of the potential, features and challenges of Satoyama-like landscapes as an important management method for conservation of biodiversity and improvement of human well-being, and the key components and perspectives for the Satoyama Initiative.

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