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Report on the Survey on Health Hazards caused by Asbestos

June 29, 2009

(1) Survey on health hazards caused by asbestos in six areas (Osaka prefecture, Amagasaki city, Tosu city, Yokohama city, Hashima city and Nara prefecture)
Medical examinations and interviews for the residents who have the possibility of health damage by asbestos exposure through ambient air, including chest X-rays and chest CTs, were studied in those six areas during the 2008 fiscal year.

(2) Survey on exposure situation of qualified people
The study carried out a questionnaire survey to people qualified in 2006-2007 fiscal year in that he/she was afflicted with a designated disease because he/she inhaled asbestos in Japan. Qualified people were classified based on their asbestos exposure situations, employment history and residence history.

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