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Results of the FY 2007 Comprehensive Survey on the Discharge of Water Pollutants

March 16, 2009

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has released the results of the FY2007 Comprehensive Survey on the Discharge of Water Pollutants which is the basic data used for the establishment or revision of effluent standards. In order to prevent water pollution effectively, it is essential to suppress the discharge of pollutants from various sources. In order to implement the rational and effective control and guidance of effluents, it is essential to apprehend the source of discharge and the quantity of water pollutants throughout Japan.

The survey aimed to facilitate the formulation and revision of effluent standards by grasping the changes in status of effluents including the quantity of pollutants in the effluents from factories and business establishments subject to regulation under the Water Pollution Control Law.

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