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Issuing ECO-LUXE Stylebook "Let's start together . 'Wa-no-kurashi' Part.4" for engaged couples

December 21, 2006

To promote global warming mitigation at home, the Ministry of the Environment created and issued a pamphlet " Let's start together - 'Wa-no-kurashi' Part.4 」(ECO-LUXE STYLEBOOK) for couples to marry.

1. Introduction

To promote global warming mitigation at individual level, Ministry of the Environment established "Wa-no-kurashi Forum" (Ryuji MATSUHASHI, professor at University of Tokyo Graduate School as Chair) and started providing pamphlets with helpful information for consumers to buy high energy-saving products.

The new pamphlet "Let's start together . Wa-no-kurashi Part.4」(ECO-LUXE STYLEBOOK) is to promote and develop global warming mitigation awareness and targeted mainly at engaged couples of the typical generation who buy appliances all together when marrying. It provides "high quality, comfortable, and environment-friendly lifestyle 'ECO-LUXE' brought by energy-saving appliances" and introduces easy global warming mitigation at home.

2. "Let's start together .'Wa-no-kurashi' Part.4" Overview

To offer a new concept of married life style to engaged couples, following topics are included with many visual images of appliances such as refrigerator, A/C, washing machine, and TV) and cars.
  1. Introduction of "ECO-LUXE" life brought by appliances
  2. Ideas and techniques of appliances
  3. Advices from married couples
The pamphlet will be provided to the branch offices of Japan Center for Climate Change Action to bring it to public. Also tied-up with Recruit Co., Ltd., it's supplied with a magazine for engaged couples "ZEXY Interior" (February Issue, December 22 on sale. Approximately 39,000 circulation) , and becomes available in "Wa-no-kurashi" HP.


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