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Press conference to introduce the ecology promotion mobile site "Let's Eco-Tre!" launched in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and University of Tokyo

August 11, 2006

Aiming to deliver information nationwide and raise the awareness of ecological issues such as global warming, Imagineer Co., Ltd. produced (including planning, management, and creation) ecology promotion mobile site "Let's Eco-Tre" and launches the service on August 21 (Monday) in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and University of Tokyo.

The introduction press conference is planned to take place as follows. On the day, Environment Minister Koike, President of University of Tokyo Komiyama, and President and CEO of Imagineer Co., Ltd. Kamikura will take part in and explain the service overview. A member of "Team minus 6%" and in charge of "Environment Blog," a musician Mai Kuraki also joins and express her hopes.

1. Date & Time:
August 21 (Monday) 17:00-17:15
2. Venue:
Office of Minister of the Environment
3. Guest:
Yuriko KOIKE
(Minister of the Environment)
(President of University of Tokyo)
(President and CEO of Imagineer Co., Ltd)
Akimasa SUMI
(Executive Director of Transdisciplinary Initiative for Global Substainability, The University of Tokyo)
(Senior Vice President, Multimedia Services, NTT Docomo Inc.)
4. Coverage:
Please apply with the attached "Application Form for Coverage" (due August 17 (Thursday) 18:00)


  • (Attached)Application Form for Coverage
  • <Reference> News release about mobile site "Let's Eco-tre" service-in (Imagineer Co., Ltd.)


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