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Global Environment Research in Japan - Eco-Frontier Fellowship Program

Eco-Frontier Fellowship (EF Fellowship) Program

In recent years, as the nature of global environment research has become more defined, the importance of international exchanges of knowledge and information to deepen our knowledge about global environmental issues affecting mankind, such as ozone layer depletion and global warming, has been increasingly recognized. In the Global Environment Research Program, we have conducted cooperative research with many countries. The establishment of the Eco-Frontier Fellowship in 1995 marked the start of a new initiative to promote international research exchanges.

Objectives of the EF Fellowship Program

The program aims to increase the international perspective of researchers, and promote international exchanges of persons involved in global environment research by inviting overseas researchers working on global environmental topics to Japan in order to conduct joint research in national research institutions and other governmental organs.

Eligibility for EF Fellows

Young researchers from developed and developing countries who hold a doctorate or equivalent degree or qualifications.

Research Period

In principle, the fellowships are for a period of three to nine months. Extensions may be approved a maximum of two times, after review.


In addition to allocation of joint research funds, travel costs to (and from) Japan, monthly living allowance (300,000 yen per month), housing allowance, moving costs, family allowance, health insurance cost, and domestic travel costs will be paid.

1997 EF Fellows

By nationality: By research field:
China 10 Ozone layer depletion 3
India 2 Global warming 8
Indonesia 2 Acid Precipitation 2
Russia 2 Marine Pollution 2
USA, UK, Korea. Thailand 1 Loss of biological diversity 2
Human and social dimensions of
global environmental problems
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