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Dust and Sandstorms [Pamphlet]

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1 [PDF 297KB] 2 [PDF 409KB] Dust and Sandstorms Phenomena
  • What is DSS?
3 [PDF 155KB]
  • Formation and Transport Mechanisms of DSS
  • Characteristics of DSS Airborne Particulate
4 [PDF 231KB] Frequency of Airborne DSS and Resulting Damage
  • Frequency of DSS
  • Damage Resulting from DSS
  • A Social Problem caused by DSS
5 [PDF 209KB] Fact-finding Efforts on Dust and Sandstorms
  • DSS Research
  • Fact-finding Study on DSS
  • ADB/GEF Project on Prevention and Control of Dust and Sandstorms
6 [PDF 209KB] DSS Countermeasure Approaches
  • Countermeasures at DSS Originating Areas
  • DSS Forecasting
  • Tripartite Director General Meeting on Dust and Sandstorms among Korea, China and Japan
7 [PDF 136KB]
  • DSS Monitoring Network
8 [PDF 157KB]