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Japan's Progress in Developing its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

Prime Minister Abe's speech at the UN Climate Summit (September 23, NY)

"In light of the COP19 decision, Japan aims to submit its intended nationally determined contribution as soon as possible."

Joint Experts' Meeting of the Central Environment Council and the Industrial Structure Council

  • Established by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in October, 2014
  • Co-chaired by Prof. Naoto Asano (Fukuoka University) and Prof. Kenji Yamaji (Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth)
  • Consists of 20 members, including co-chairs, from academia, research institutions, business sector and labor union
  • Aims to discuss Japan's INDC, taking into account the COP19 decision, progress in international negotiations on climate change, and considerations on energy policies
  • Held the 1st meeting on October 24 and will discuss the following items in 2014
    • 2nd meeting (November 12) <Summary of Discussion [PDF 60KB]>
      • IPCC AR5
      • Reduction of GHG emissions from non-energy sectors
      • Voluntary action plans developed by Keidanren (steel and iron, chemical, cement, paper and pulp, automobile, and electrical/electronic machine)
    • 3rd meeting (December 5)
      • Reduction of GHG emissions through improving energy efficiency
      • Country-wide campaign for low-carbon lifestyles

Developing technologies for combating climate change

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