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Chemical substance fact sheets

Problems with chemical substances and environmental risks are the most immediate environmental problems in our life, and have been attracting public concerns. However, most of the information provided about chemical substances is technical and fragmentary. Therefore, it is quite difficult for non-professional people to understand the information accurately. Misunderstanding information may cause unnecessary concerns among us, and may even impede our efforts to reduce environmental risks in their daily life.

In 2003, the Ministry of the Environment has contracted the Center for Environmental Information Science to prepare Chemical Substance Fact Sheets to organize technical and complex information about chemical substances, and to provide information that is easy to understand for non-professional people. The fact sheets are the comprehensive yet concise summary of the chemical substances that are subject to the “Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of Improvements to the Management Thereof (PRTR Act).” The Center for Environmental Information Science made an interim announcement concerning additional substances for the FY2005 edition. The necessary adjustments were made including the substances listed in the FY2004 edition. Eventually, the FY2012 edition of the Chemical Substance Fact Sheets was released, listing 352 substances.

The fact sheets are aimed to promote appropriate management of chemical substances toward reducing environmental risks by assisting businesses and consumers, etc.(who may handle chemical substances) to obtain and understand accurate information about the substances and chemicals. The fact sheets listing the chemical substances subject to PRTR Act are to be released sequentially.

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Chemical Substance Fact Sheets (Japanese only)


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