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Who reports to the PRTR?

There are two ways to set the threshold for reporting business operators. One is to set based on capacity of facility (varies by type of business), and the other is to set based on size of business (i.e., the number of regular employees).

Furthermore, there are two types of countries regarding the reporting threshold based on annual amount handled. The countries which set the threshold based on annual amount handled for the PRTR substances are Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Korea. The European Union countries do not set this kind of threshold.

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*“Annual amount handled” = “Annual amount manufactured” + “Annual amount used”** (Definition in Japan)
**“Annual amount used” includes the amount of Class I Designated Chemical Substances included in products.

Compared among the countries which set the threshold based on annual amount handled, there are two types of countries. The countries like Japan and Korea set exceptional lower threshold for certain specific substances. In contrast, the countries like Canada and Australia classifies the PRTR substances into groups first, then set the threshold based on annual amount handled respectively. As a whole, most countries set the threshold for annual amount handled to 10t or more (excluding the amounts handled for Specific Designated Chemical Substances). Meanwhile, Japan's threshold for annual amount handled is set to 1t or more, which stands at relatively lower level (i.e., widens the range of reporting business operators).

Reporting threshold
By business

Type of business: 24 industries

Size of business operators: business operators with 21 or more regular employees
By facilities

Annual amount handled, etc.: facilities with an annual amount of 1 ton or more (5 tons or more for the initial 2 years). But 0.5 tons or more for Specific Class 1 Designated Chemical Substances; or

A business operator that has a facility meeting the specific requirements
Relevant facilities under the Mine Safety Law
Sewage disposal facilities
Domestic waste disposal facilities/Industrial waste disposal facilities
Specific facilities under the Act on Special Measures against Dioxins
Types of business: 24 industries


Metal mining
(ii) Crude petroleum and natural gas production
(iii) Manufacturing
(iv) Production, transmission and distribution of electricity
(v) Manufacture of gas
(vi) Heat supply
(vii) Sewerage
(viii) Railway transport
(ix) Warehousing (limited to the business of keeping agricultural products or storing gas or liquid in storage tanks)
(x) Petroleum wholesale trade
(xi) Iron scrap wholesale trade (limited to the business of collecting substances enclosed in an automobile air-conditioner or removing an automobile air-conditioner that has been installed in an automobile body)
(xii) Motor vehicles wholesale trade (limited to the business of collecting substances enclosed in an automobile air-conditioner)
(xiii) Fuel stores
(xiv) Laundries
(xv) Photograph business
(xvi) Automobile maintenance services
(xvii) Machinery repair shops
(xviii) Commodity inspection services
(xix) Surveyor certification (excluding general surveying certification)
(xx) Domestic waste disposal business (limited to waste disposal business)
(xxi) Industrial waste disposal business (including special controlled industrial waste-disposal businesses)
(xxii) Medical and other health services
(xxiii) Institution of higher education (including attached facilities and excluding one only pertaining to humanities)
(xxiv) Research institutes for natural sciences
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